Estimations on the Extension of Covid-19 Social Distancing

Researchers at Harvard University have stated that the social distancing that is currently being practiced could extend into the year 2022. This estimation came as a shock to many as most of us anticipated the social distancing measures to no longer be present by the end of the summer. Although the situation in the United States seems to be worse than that of Canada’s, it is in general agreement that neither country’s reported numbers have reached their peak yet. 

For many, the extension of social distancing into coming months (or potentially years) means making great changes to their lifestyle, having to adapt to accessing many essential services from home. A principle consideration for these people (in particular, families) is of the status of their children’s education. Concerns have arisen for the state of the population’s education if the virus is still prominent after the summer. If the schools are to continue to be closed into the spring, a much larger chunk of lost education may be reflected. 

Methods such as online tutoring (“virtual tutoring”) reflect an innovation within the confines of online education. It is inevitable that aspects of education are lost in this sudden transition from in-school education to online. What is unique about vTutors and online tutoring in general is its ability to retain user’s connectivity with the content. Through having a “mediator” to directly work through, help with and connect with the content online, children are able to maintain interest in their school work even while taking place in a home setting. 

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