Online and In-Person Classes

In light of the novel Coronavirus, the widespread closure of Canada’s schools have left parents of students to assume the role of teachers. This comes as a cause of in-person teaching methods being radically different from those that are presently offered in Canada’s online replacements. It seems as if there is a growing concern for the effectiveness of these online methods in their ability to replicate the innate human qualities of teaching. 

For many kids the computer has served primarily as a source of entertainment, this puts parents in the situation of monitoring and mediating their child’s time spent on educational replacements. This strategy for many has reflected the technological barriers present in online, text-based educational resources. Furthermore it has allowed for parents to recognize a present disconnect as those specialized in education are not the ones guiding students through their educational journey. 

Troubling aspects of the aforementioned phenomenon include questions of how long children will not be able to receive education in direct physical form, and how effective the online replacements for learning will be in replacing the educational content of at least one quarter of the school year.


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