How Teachers Are Reacting to Canada’s Covid-19 Lockdown

We’ve heard from many teachers across Canada about their experience during the lockdown. Of course there’s no easy way to summarize their viewpoints. Here are some of the comments we’ve heard:

  • there is no clear direction or standard for advancing education through remote means
  • connection with students through real-time digital experiences is very limited. Most students are not participating, leaving teachers with little means to connect
  • teaching a traditional classroom style session through live streaming or video chat is not practical. One teacher described his class having way too much fun saying “hi” over and over through the chat function 🙂

What are parents saying? Here’s some of what we’ve heard:

  • Some teachers are making an amazing effort to help parents keep their kids actively learning at home. Other teachers are offering little to no support. 
  • Many parents are struggling with finding time to assess what their kids are learning and doing educationally. There is huge demand for educational platforms and activities that don’t require parental input. Many parents who are working from home complained of being starved for time to help.
  • General view is there won’t be any returning to classrooms this year, and anxiety is running high in terms of whether that will occur in September. 

In all of this, it’s important to remember that people respond to anxiety, stress and change in different ways. As a nation it’s important to be patient and supportive, look out for your mental health and that of others, and weather the storm. 

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