A Global Education Gap Across an Entire Generation

The headline is provocative, but it’s truly what we’re facing. With students effectively locked out of schools, the vast majority of students – globally – are unable to learn in a classroom for a period of months, which continues to stretch on as Covid-19 impacts our society. 

The current state is a complete mish-mash of responses to keeping students actively learning. Many parents have effectively become home-schoolers. They are working with what they can receive from their school program, but the reality is that school boards are generally ill-prepared for the situation and the support offered varies widely by school and by teacher. What’s quite common is parents supplementing by finding online learning resources (we’ll summarize some of these in an upcoming blog post). 

We’ve collectively very quickly found the limits of what self-study for young students can and can’t do. The role of the educator is sorely missed. Furthermore, most parents aren’t equipped with an adequate yardstick to measure progress. Are we doing fine here? Are we falling behind? There’s no bar in sight to strive for.  Add in the stresses of parents now working from home, worry about the coronavirus’ impact on society and those we know, as well as the closure of businesses and the new challenges of things that once were so simple — such as putting food on the table. Amid all of this it’s no surprise that student education is in many cases falling by the wayside. 

And unlike most crises we’ve seen in our lifetime (think of floods, drought, famine, etc.), the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting virtually every country across the globe. The vital building blocks of formative knowledge – the essentials of education – are in varying states of pause across an entire generation.

At vTutors.ca, our mission of providing quality education with flexible options was always relevant to us, but suddenly takes on new poignancy in today’s environment. Our most basic tenets are fully in line with today’s needs:

  • Customized programs to match a student’s specific needs, to match their learning style, engage them fully, and provide educational guidance where it most matters for each specific student
  • Digital collaboration, avoiding the need for travel, connecting educators and students regardless of the physical distance, and of course honouring our new social distance policies!
  • Flexible programs and options, ranging from basic support with the standard curriculum, to advanced material designed to match those of Canada’s most prestigious private schools

We started our virtual tutoring business with the aim of helping parents to provide support so that their sons and daughters can thrive from the myriad benefits of quality education. We saw the merits of that on its own – but had no idea that world events would so suddenly make our mission, programs and services vastly more useful, meaningful and relevant in such a short span. 

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