Ontario Extends State of Emergency – no return to school on May 4

Ontario Premier Doug Ford passed an extension to the Emergency Act for the province, extending by 28 days. 

Bill 189, or the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Protection Act, passed on Tuesday afternoon, amends several acts including the Education Act, Ministry of Colleges and Services Act, the Planning Act, Development Charges Act, and the Police Services Act.

The bottom line for students (and parents) is that there won’t be a return to school on May 4. As a result, many schools have cancelled all remaining school activities for the remainder of the school year, yet another sign that it’s highly unlikely that students will be in classrooms again in this school year. 

The news came as Canada reported it’s highest amount of daily Covid-19 coronavirus cases on record, a statistic that suggests more lockdown activities and social distancing will be required to before these emergency measures can be lifted.

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