What will a return to school look like?

Anyone expecting to see fully-loaded classrooms in the near future is likely in for disappointment. As Covid-19 cases continue to grow in Canada, distancing will need to be factored into back-to-school plans. 

We’re watching this in other locales. Denmark is reopening some of their schools but adding more physical space around desks and adjusting their routines around group activities, lineups etc. In South Korea, they installed plastic shields between desks to reduce the risk of airborne transmission. Temperature scanners are a possibility as well to detect fever in the early stages. 

The bigger questions around vaccines, antibody testing, etc. won’t be settled for some time according to experts. The estimated 18-month period to develop a vaccine is fast by normal standards. So the most likely reality is that this will come down to social practices that can be introduced in order to keep students safe.  

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