We’ve partnered with SurveyLegend to create a survey for Canadian parents. It explores the issues parents are facing with child education in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. This survey is open to all Canadian parents with a child of school age (junior kindergarten through high school).

For your time and participation, we’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to a lucky winner, drawn randomly. Entries must be received by May 30, 2020. You can complete one survey for each school-age child in your household.

Link to the survey  – interested in the results? Read on below for the most recent updates


Key Findings – (May 18 -422 respondents)

Kids are missing the social aspects of the classroom, and parents are worried about their lack of it: 34% of parents indicated that “lack of social interaction” was their top concern. Based on the many comments submitted, the kids are missing social interaction – and parents are worrying about the absence of this in their day-to-day education. “My child is deeply missing her class, teachers and friends” one parent explained. Another said, “It really is the social interactions where I believe kids learn the most, and that is obviously severely lacking.” 

Parents are maxed out and dealing with a lot of stress: a repeated theme in the comments from parents was how they are struggling to cope with supporting their child’s learning, often on top of a busy work schedule of their own Those with children with special needs were particularly distraught. 20% of parents indicated they were supplementing their child’s lessons with home schooling. “Every second we are not working has been devoted to home-schooling. I feel like I can’t do both,” one parent said. “As a single mom and working full time in the health care system, it has added another level of stress,” said another.  

Students’ lack of routine, and motivation for their lessons and homework, was a serious concern for parents:  43% of parents rated their child’s overall education from all sources as either “Okay”, “not good” or “very poor”. A key theme in the comments was that their children were unmotivated without the attention from teachers and structure of the school system and school day. “My kids get easily distracted, and don’t feel the pressure to get work done on time that they used to,” said one parent. “My child seems more withdrawn and not focused,” said another. 

Parents are worried about their child falling behind, or missing out on educational growth: 23% of parents indicated they were concerned with “catching up on learning that is being missed” and 22% said “future impacts to my child’s growth/education” was a top concern. “I honestly feel she is falling behind. Is she going to fall behind in her next few school years? I’m so worried I don’t want her to be a failure,” wrote one concerned parent.

Despite the current challenges, many parents told us the experience has been positive as it has brought the family together: Parents expressed a stronger connection to their child from the additional time together, as well as having a better understanding of their education and the areas they are struggling with. “It’s given me an opportunity to see where my child may need more help,” one parent said, while another wrote “My child is more engaged learning from home and we have developed a deeper connection.”

Many parents are using or considering additional educational support from online or virtual tutoring services: 27% of parents indicated that they are supplementing their child’s education with online tutoring, and 18% told us that, should the school closures extend to this Fall, they would consider virtual tutoring services. 

Detailed Response Data

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